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Image Branding Consultancy Ltd

Director:  Becky Olodo

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  • English and Maths Tuition; KS1 KS2 KS3 & private GCSE/IGCSE/A Level/ Functional skills Exams/IELTS

  •  NVQ Teaching Assistant, Childcare, Health and Social care & Many more!


                WHO ARE THE TEACHERS?     

Qualified, GCSE Examiner, competent, professional teachers with over a decade experience in teaching, who are skilled and well vast in their subject areas; with a proven ability to teach and enthuse learners.  Our highly qualified tutors have a proven track record in helping students to achieve the best they can.

Our driving force is to make a difference in the lives of children/Adults.


*Marketing and communications strategy development
*Customer acquisition and relationship management
*Marketing performance measurement
*Multi channel marketing integration


  • We provide one-to-one business/personal brand mentoring services for those either starting a business from the scratch or looking to develop or take their business to the next level. Also, one to one mentoring for those who want to improve or enhance their teaching skills, leadership skills, verbal and non -verbal communication skills as well as their Health. The mentor will share knowledge, skills and experience that will help to achieve business growth, professional success as well as healthy lifestyle. During the mentoring programme, practical guidance, advice and knowledge that will help you create the strategies and processes you need to become successful will be made available.


 *Leadership Training/workshop

*Business/Personal Branding Training/workshop

*Business set up and development Training /Workshop

* Be a Grade one & Effective teacher   Training/Workshop

  •                                               ESD Training/Workshop

                                     Getting the best out of TAs training/Workshop

                                      *Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring Clinic

                                      * African Healthy Lifestyle Training/Workshop

                                    * Annual Diaspora Leadership Mentoring Summit


                                          *Mastermind Business club


                 *Mastermind  Business forum (starting soon).


Tuition, private GCSE/IGCSE/ A Level Exams/IELTS & NVQ courses available on request.
One-to-one mentoring =£40 per hour or 6 sessions for £200.
Workshop - 3 hrs for £30 per head.
Workshop + 1 hour one -to-one mentoring = 60 or book all the units + 1 hour one-to-one mentoring for £220 and a choice of booking an extra mentoring hour for just £20.
Full training package available on request.

Mastermind Club Membership = £40

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